A damp squib and more Guardian nonsense

A guest post by AKUS

So, the latest “flotilla” episode has ended peacefully. The tiny yacht manned by a diverse collection of Jews has arrived peacefully in Ashdod, with its load of unneeded “symbolic” supplies for Gaza.

According to the Guardian, in another effort by the tireless Harriet Sherwood, Israeli navy diverts Gaza-bound yacht, this Reuters picture is of the “Jewish flotilla”, as it has been referred to by those imagining yet another cause célèbre on the high seas. This pleasure yacht bringing “symbolic aid to Gaza” was the best these yachties could do to after all the publicity?

(By the way, if anyone doubts that the Guardian reads CiF Watch, note the careful use of the word “yacht” rather than “flotilla” for a single ship, as we pointed out in articles about the mythical Lebanese Women’s “flotilla”).

But trust Harriet Sherwood not to note the irony at the end of her report, which ends mournfully with a sad commentary on the lack of purpose among blockade runners, who seem better at publicity than deeds:

“The Irene is the first boat to get close to Gaza since the May flotilla despite a number of pledges to send aid by sea to the besieged territory. The Free Gaza Movement, which helped organise the flotilla, is planning a further attempt this autumn.”

Come on Harriet – get with the script – a “flotilla” is comprised of more than one boat …

Harriet ended, of course, with the obligatory attempt to overlook Gaza’s fancy hotels, water parks (when Hamas is not burning them to the ground), malls, restaurants, luxury homes, etc. All apparently built out of sticks, chewing gum and rubber bands … and, worst of all, a mention of the incomprehensible Israeli policy of preventing free travel by Gazans into Israel …

“Since the assault on the flotilla, Israel has agreed under international pressure to ease the blockade of Gaza, allowing in a wide range of food and goods. However, badly needed construction materials are still limited, exports are still banned and there is no free movement of people from Gaza into Israel.”

Indeed, Israel keeps a group of people busy firing rockets daily into its territory bottled up in Gaza instead of letting them roam freely around Israel shooting pregnant women. It’s just not fair….!!

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