Philip Weiss Feels Rick Sanchez’s Pain (The “Jews control the media” saga continues)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rick Sanchez was the dumbest newscaster on American television.

But, after Rick was fired from CNN after making remarks that the Jews control the media, he received sympathetic coverage from Iran’s Press TV and its U.S. counterpart, Philip Weiss.

At his blog, Mondoweiss, Philip explains that Rick’s “first mistake” was being one of the only “network anchors to give any attention to the Palestinian side of the story.” Philip then adds:

“As for his recent comments about Jews not being an oppressed minority and Jews owning the television networks– it seems to me that these are legitimate subjects for discussion. Maybe his tone was inappropriate, maybe he should have gotten out the kid gloves. But they are legitimate subjects; and the manner of Sanchez’s dispatching is only likely to feed uninformed debate about the nature of the American establishment. Let’s talk about it.”

Ok, let’s talk about it:  Fuck you, Philip.

(For more info on Mondoweiss, see here.)

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