Israel’s success, and the Guardian’s pain

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The Guardian created a map indicating the locations of the world’s 100 most important cleantech companies (businesses and ideas at the forefront of the clean technology revolution), and guess where Israel is on the list?  (First, let’s note, which areas aren’t represented at all: South America, Africa, Australia, as well as Russia and former Soviet states.) Then, let’s look at the top countries which are represented, from top down: USA, UK, Germany…. and then Israel. And actually, if you count the two American firms which were set up and are run by Israelis, Israel ties Germany for number 3.  Quantifying Israeli economic achievements (success which is so remarkably disproportionate to their size) must be excruciatingly painful for the Guardian – a paper so eager to undermine and delgetimize Israel at every turn. And, I, for one, really feel their pain.

Here are the maps, indicating where the top cleantech companies are located.  Notice those blue dots in the Middle East.

Let’s look a bit closer:

And, now, look even closer at those dots, which, if you haven’t guessed already, are in Israel – a nation with a population of a mere 7.5  million, and the 2nd  smallest state in the Middle East.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist highlighting Israel’s success – and the enormous gaps represented by its, um, neighbors.  As I said, I truly do feel the Guardian’s pain on this story – the schadenfreude is just seeping out of my pores.

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