Why were these deleted?

Nick Cohen’s piece at CiF, Howard Jacobson offers a contrary voice in the arts– which argued that Jacobson’s satire “The Finkler Question”, which recently won the Booker Prize, was unique in that the British arts community has typically been politically homogeneous, and that Jacobson’s work represents a rare heterodox (non-leftist) theme – and further, that, often, the only Jews in favor with this elite community are those who openly express their contempt for Israel.  Sure enough, this offended many CiF commenters, some of whom took the opportunity to level hateful charges against Israel.

Here are two, which haven’t been deleted:

Of course, the idea that you “can’t discuss” Israel in a critical way in the media, expressed at the site most prolific (above and below the line) in expressing such vitriol, is simply comical.

And, then there was this:

Fair enough.  We’re all to used to commenters who think that  support of Israel’s existence is somehow a controversial view to take.

But, then there were these  differing views:

But, the quite thin-skinned CiF Moderators would have none of that:

And, also:

And, here is where I would typically display a snapshot of the post (with the deleted text) with a note remarking that “this comment has been removed by a moderator”, but I was unable to do so in this case because all traces of this comment by Fergus’s have disappeared completely.

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