CiF commenter unhinged anti-Israel comment of the day

The recent Guardian piece, “Window of opportunity for two-state solution fading, Hague warns Israel“, by Harriet Sherwod, produced an abundance of one-state solution comments (euphemism for the wish to commit politicide against the world’s only Jewish state, so it can be radically reconstituted into the 51st majority Muslim state.).

But, worse than these was this, by commenter “CDale”:

Well, well: We have three gems:

“Israel wishes to ethnically cleanse all Palestinians”

Of course this hideous and utterly unsupportable accusation is leveled so frequently above and below the line that I’ve almost become numb to the charge.  (See my reply to the charge,Ethnic Cleansing, Real and Imagined“)

“Israel will cause a nuclear war which will threat all of Europe”

This hyperbolic charge is just another manifestation of the narrative that Israel’s very existence is not only a threat to the Palestinians, but to world peace itself.  Further, it represents the tendency of many to engage in something approaching an obsession with the Jewish state.

“Israel is/will be responsible for anti-Semitism that will occur in Europe”

This is the most insidious charge of the post because, if you read it carefully, it infers that such a reaction (the outbreak of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe) will be the inevitable – indeed, natural – result of Likud’s policies.  Let me note that “Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel” is codified as anti-Semitic by the European Union.  Also, as writer Leon Wieseltier observed, “the notion that all Jews are responsible for whatever any Jews do is not a Zionist notion. It is an anti-Semitic notion.” Wieseltier adds that attacks on Jews in Europe have nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. To blame Jews for anti-Semitism is similar to saying blacks are responsible for racism.

As of the time of this post, this comment has not been deleted by CiF moderators.

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