Young, Jewish, and…really hateful

Here’s an update to our last post regarding the group, Jewish Voice for Peace, and their youth movement called “Young Jewish and Proud.”

Sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself.  After seeing their unintentionally hilarious post, I had to comment at the site of Young Jewish and Proud’s campaign.  And, well, I was in an especially mischievous mood, and descended into mockery.  Hey we’re all human, right?

Anyway, my comment specifically responded to this passage:

My reply:

Well, I clearly agitated at least someone at JVP.

Apparently, poor Lydia didn’t express enough hatred in her first post, because it was followed by this:

Boy, Lydia really gave me a good whooping.  Not only is Israel a genocidal state, but it uproots trees, also.  We commit bloody murder and destroy the environment at the same time – our own Zionist “Red-Green Alliance” if you will.

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