The persecution of Christian minorities in Arab lands, revisited


(Image courtesy of Dry Bones)

CiF Watch has posted several pieces regarding the persecution of Christians in Arab lands. While the posts (here, here, and here) were largely inspired by the most recent case in Iraq – the murder of more than 50 Christians by Al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad on Oct. 31. – the problem has been ongoing throughout the Arab world for many, many years, and is exacerbated by the near silence of most of the mainstream media, human rights activists and intellectuals.

CAMERA’s recent dispatch not only highlights the problem of such religious persecution but notes also the little reported fact that Israel – alone in the Middle East – remains the only true safe haven for not only Christians, but other religious minorities as well. Though this fact isn’t a surprise to anyone with even a modicum of objectivity, you can expect Harriet Sherwood, and her friends at the Guardian, not to acknowledge it.

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