Zionist tentacles penetrate Iran’s airline industry!

Before you ask what this is has to do with antisemitism at the Guardian (and you know who you are:), please, dear reader, chill out.  As Akus demonstrated, sometime satire, parody, sarcasm, and just plain fun are good antidotes for those of us mired, day in and day out, in the Guardian’s pit of anti-Semitic invectives and anti-Israel calumnies (the tenth, and never published, circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno).

As such, I bring your attention to the latest scandal in Iran:

Iranian government officials were apparently quite enraged by the revelation that a Star of David can be seen on the roof of the headquarters of Iran Air, the Islamic Republic’s national airline, Al Arabiyya reported on Monday. The Star of David was discovered in a satellite image of Teheran’s airport taken by Google Earth.

Google Earth satellite image shows Star of David on roof of national carrier building

The variety of angles I could attack this story are nearly limitless, but, as other assignments beckon, and this is such low hanging fruit, I’ll simply allow myself a generous dose of Schadenfreude and leave it to you to enjoy in all of its glimmering possibilities.

I will only add that – as an Israeli who’s concerned about Iran’s efforts to go nuclear – this story will make me sleep a bit better at night.  After all, the Iranian Air building with the offending symbol was built sometime prior to the Iranian revolution in 1979.  So, as its taken the Islamic Republic over 30 YEARS to detect a gigantic Magen David on the roof of a high-profile building in their capital, I’m beginning to think that undermining the malevolent designs of our Persian foes may not be as vexing as I originally thought.

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