The Guardian’s biased moderation within the Mya Guarneiri thread

Mya Guarnieri’s hideous diatribe against Israel on Dec. 8, in a piece modestly titled, “Israeli rabbis racist decree strikes at the heart of Judaism,” concerning a petition by a group of bigoted rabbis against selling land to non-Jews, attracted 316 comments – many of which rightly savaged Guarneri’s rhetorical excess as well as her shamefully sloppy journalism. (See CiF Watch’s reply)

Of particular interest was her insinuation that the racist rabbinical edict was state-sanctioned, and that Israeli public officials were silent over the matter.

A commenter named ariehnyc cited a Jerusalem Post article which contradicted Guarnieri’s claims:

And, then:

And there was this comment, backing Guarnieri’s assertions, and charging that Zionism is inherently racist – a claim, in case it needs reminding, codified as anti-Semitic by the European Union.

Evidence contradicting Mya Guarnieri’s assertions that the rabbinical edict was state sanctioned? Forbidden. Invectives asserting that Zionism = Racism?  Perfectly acceptable.

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