Jody McIntyre, professional anti-Israel activist, takes center stage

My thanks to Jonathan Hoffman for reminding me that Jody McIntyre is still very much in the thick of the hard left set in the UK.   When I was last following McIntyre, he was dumped from his gig as official blogger for a journal called Ctrl.Alt.Shift – the “hip” youth publication of Christian Aid.

Apparently, even the viscerally anti-Israel NGO, Christian Aid, couldn’t defend McIntyre’s ugly invectives against the Jewish state when it was exposed by The JC (as well as my essay in, believe it or not, Comment is Free).

The post at the heart of the controversy – published on International Holocaust Remembrance Day – was titled “[Shimon] Peres: War Criminal and Proud”.  In addition to the vitriolic commentary in his essay, the post included photos juxtaposing images of Jewish victims of Nazi genocide with photos of dead Palestinians, to advance the abhorrent impression of a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany.  (Christian Aid subsequently apologized and removed all of McIntyre’s posts from their site.)

The latest row involves McIntyre’s encounter with police while participating in the recent London riots, inspired by student tuition hikes.  I think the pure adolescent nature of the violent protests was best summed up by the blog, Mere Rhetoric, which noted that UK students seem to believe that “stuff costs money” is a concept invented by mean adults trying to harsh their mellow.

McIntyre (who Hoffman noted, has been at several of the boycott demonstrations at Ahava, the Israeli cosmetics shop in London), though something of a professional all-purpose activist, specializes in the anti-Israel variety.  Indeed, the passages cited during his stint with Christian Aid only touches the surface of his bile.

If you puruse his blog, called “Life on Wheels”, you’ll find him defending Hezbollah, frequently accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and labeling the entire nation a “racist state.”  In short, he has all the ingredients necessary to be a regular contributor to CiF.

Alas, it looks like the Guardian was scooped this time.  His blog at The Independent launched today.

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