Action Alert: YouTube closes Palestinian Media Watch account

This is from Itmar Marcus at Palestinian Media Watch:

“For years there have been PA backers trying to get YouTube to close down the PMW video account by complaining that we are involved in hate speech. Now they succeeded. They complained to the administrators about a farewell video of a suicide terrorist from a few years ago who boasted he would drink the blood of Jews. You Tube sent us notice that this video is “violation of terms” by promoting hate speech and closed our entire account. Most of the hundreds of videos on our website are not running.”

The appalling moral inversion at play here is astonishing.  PMW had its You Tube account suspended for uploading videos exposing anti-Semitic discourse within institutions the Palestinian Authority controls.  It is simply breathtaking that the administrators at YouTube apparently don’t know the difference between propagating hate speech, and exposing it!

We’re asking you to write YouTube today to demand that PMW be reinstated.

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