A Guardian Reader Discovers the Palistani Nation!

A Guest Post by AKUS

Not since 1967, when arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat invented the Palestinian nation, has such a discovery been made!

In the thread to an article mourning the Obama administration’s decision to finally see the light and accept that building apartments in Jerusalem is not the reason for the Palestinians’ obduracy, notoriously anti-Israeli Guardian contributors Hussein Agha and Robert Malley (I get the impression they always appear in twos – perhaps one reads and the other writes?), These concrete constraints have quashed any hope of peace, a remarkably revealing comment was posted by one “junglederry”, apparently in all sincerity:

It is not often that the sheer, abysmal ignorance of those sucking at the teat offered by the Guardian to legitimize the delegitimization of Israel is so blatantly apparent. So most “palistanis” are dead? Killed by Israel, no doubt?


Where, I wondered, is “palistan”*? Checking the atlas, I came to the conclusion that the remaining “Palistanis”* live in Balistan*, located on the West Bank of the Air Mikhail river that runs in Baluchistan. Most are dead, of course. So, as “junglederry” asks, what is it that we are all arguing about?

(*There is no “p” in Arabic, so so E. Ty. Mologi informs me that the “Palistanis” are properly referred to as “Balistanis”)

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