245 Guardian readers tell Jews to “shut up” about Iranian anti-Semitism

The response to Meir Javedanfar’s CiF piece, “Iranian government stirs up antisemitism with invented mass” demonstrates that hostility towards Israel by Guardian readers – so accustomed to having their prejudices about Jews and Israel affirmed – is so ingrained that even the most uncontroversial commentary condemning state-sponsored anti-Semitic incitement in Iran is met with hostility.

The contempt and mockery in the comment simply oozes out of the text.

Moreover, this  intellectual tick – whereby merely condemning the virulent anti-Semitism of the Holocaust denying regime in Tehran makes one a Neocon, “Likudnick”, and/or war-monger – is as predictable as it is insidious, and has become one of the defining features of the Guardian hard left.

UPDATE: Sometime after this was posted, the comment by sidster was removed by a moderator.

Thanks to everyone who reported it as abuse.

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