The Cesspool’s Avatars: Guardian commenter profile contains explicit anti-Semitism

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Someone who goes by the name of “M U Haq”, who comments under “myshout,” commented in today’s hateful anti-Zionst (and anti-American) piece by John Whitbeck, On Palestine, the US is a rogue state.”  Though his comment was deleted, apparently “myshout” has been commenting since at least 2008.

“myshout” describes himself on his Guardian profile page:

“I am an active and healthy pensioner reving [sic] to reach out to expose the colonial occupations through the international interventions by the world powers and Jews world order...and supporting any resistance to get back what was theirs.”

So, on the pages of the Guardian sits a reader profile which calls for “resistance” against “Jews world order.”

It is important to note that other commenters have been banned from the Guardian for engaging in rhetoric that wasn’t hateful or bigoted.

The profile has been reported as abuse but to no avail.

However, whether it’s deleted or not, it’s no small matter to note the company the Guardian keeps.  Our blog continues to expose this dangerous dynamic whereby the Guardian, a “liberal” mainstream widely read publication, gives license to those whose views would normally have been on the fringes of society.   But, no longer. To paraphrase Lee Smith, in his revealing look at anti-Semitic comments tolerated by mainstream blogs in the U.S., the Guardian has become “the cesspool’s avatars.”

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