Rachel Shabi Facebook friends update: The Guardian columnist is also friends with George Galloway

Our post on Dec. 31 noted that Guardian columnist Rachel Shabi (an outspoken critic of Israel) is Facebook friends with a notorious anti-Semite (and Wikileak celebrity) by the name of Israel Shamir.

To recap our previous post, Shamir is an outspoken Holocaust denier, who has referred to Jews as “virus in human form,” and has claimed quite explicitly that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world.

Well, it turns out that Shabi’s Facebook friendship with Shamir is no fluke.  We’ve learned, from a highly reliable source, that Shabi is also FB friends with the Hamas and Hezbollah-loving former MP, George Galloway.

But, that’s not all.

Shabi’s FB friend list also includes CiF columnist, and apologist for anti-Semitism, Ben White, and Moazzem Begg, the British Muslim (former inmate at Guantanamo and Amnesty International poster boy) who acknowledged attending al-Qaeda training camps and is a supporter of the Taliban.

Think about this.  A Guardian columnist who writes about Israel is friends with virulent anti-Semites, an outspoken supporter of radical Islamist movements, and even one known former al Qaeda member.

Knowledge of the company Shabi keeps certainly places her gratuitous criticism of Israel in much better perspective.

Shabi’s comments in her Guardian piece on Jan. 23, 2009, The self-defence defence, speak volumes about the disdain she has for the nation the Guardian deems her fit to objectively cover:

“Most Israelis, in other words, seem to have convinced themselves that their own moral superiority somehow sanctions and justifies their own acts of moral repugnance.”

Yes, “morally repugnant” is certainly one term that comes to  mind when meditating upon the views, and friendships, of Rachel Shabi.

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