Gaza flotilla “Peace Activist” Ken O’Keefe speculates on whether Jews as a group are a threat to human decency

Our good friend Chas Newkey-Burden at OyVaGoy has posted a video that is simply chilling.

The clip is taken from a PressTV interview with Ken O’Keefe – one of the “activists” on board the MV Mavi Marmara in late May.

Most of those who attacked IDF forces that day belong to Islamist terrorist organizations, and the American born O’Keefe is no exception – having been identified by the IDF as a Hamas Operative.

With all we know about the flotilla participants’ known terrorist affiliations, those who persist in referring to them as “peace activists” (or “progressives”) are engaged in the kind of Orwellian double-think that Natan Sharansky referred to in his memoirs when characterizing his fellow countrymen who actually believed the Soviet propaganda being fed to them.

Such people, noted Sharansky, excelled at being able to hold, and reconcile, two diametrically opposed ideas in their head at the same time without the slightest cognitive dissonance.

Note the nod of agreement from the PressTV interviewer as O’Keefe “speculates” on whether Jews are indeed a threat to everything that’s good and decent in the world.


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