Macy Gray Rocks! (Updated Jan. 23)

For once, we have some good news to report: despite pressure exerted by the BDS movement on Macy Gray to cancel her concert performances in Israel in three weeks, Macy Gray has decided that she is still going to go. Challah Hu Akbar has the scoop.

In the meantime, enjoy a classic from Macy Gray and if you’re on Facebook be sure to click the “like” button on her fan page.


I can’t help wondering… with Georgina Henry’s obsession with all things bad Israel, will Guardian readers ever find out about this?

Update: Jan. 23

Per Elder of Ziyon: Macy Gray replied to a recent critic of her decision to perform in Israel.  The commenter tweeted the following:

@MacyGrayslife supports aparthied….and entertains the muderous IDF…BDS..boycott this lover of filthy israeli lucre…..#boycott

In response, Gray Tweeted:

@bahebakyagaza See I’m willing to listen – really listen – but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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