4 Reasons Why The Guardian Was Al Jazeeras’s Best PaliLeaks Pair

This is cross posted by Pesach Benson at Honest Reporting.

Our new Question of the Week asks:

Why might Al Jazeera have chosen The Guardian over larger Western news services to partner in the Palestine Papers leak?

Here are my four reasons why The Guardian made the most sense for Al Jazeera:

  1. The paper demonstrated during Wikileaks that it knows how to distill and present a large volume of documents.
  2. The Guardian can spin anything against Israel.
  3. The nature of the paper’s Comment is Free section (and commenters) guarantees to keep the topic alive longer than any other newspaper.
  4. Perhaps the NY Times will be an exception, but I don’t see leakers with an agenda giving documents to newspapers with paywalls.

Other factors are involved, of course. See what readers are saying and post your thoughts on the weekly question.

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