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Message from Managing Editor, Adam Levick


The Guardian’s release of selective notes taken by Palestinians during the course of their peace negotiations with Israel, referred to as “Palestine Papers”, revealed more about the Guardian than it did about the negotiations themselves.  CiF Watch posts revealed that, throughout their commentary on the “Palestine Papers”, the Guardian perversely framed even the hint of compromise and flexibility by the Palestinians as “craven”, continually used quotes out of context to grossly mischaracterize the views of Israeli negotiators, and gave license to commentators who explicitly called for a return to terrorism.  In short, the Guardian’s release of the Palestine Papers represented an (extremist) agenda in search of evidence to support it.  Perhaps the only positive development to arise from the Guardian’s “expose” was an increasing realization, from across the political spectrum, as to just how egregious the Guardian’s anti-Israel bias truly is.

Recent Highlights

Guardian’s verdict upon release of “Palestine Papers” announced upon publication: Israel Guilty
CiF Watch was among the first blogs to comment on the Guardian’s release of the “Palestine Papers”, and observed early on how their framing of the “expose” was actually a window into how entrenched their anti-Israel agenda has become. The Guardian contextualized thousands of documents in a manner which just so happened to be consistent with their increasing support and legitimization of the most extreme voices within Palestinian society. (Read post, here.)

Guardian again legitimizes voices openly justifying terrorism
CiF Watch commented on the Guardian’s decision to publish a letter by a UK professor which morally sanctioned the use of terrorism by Palestinians against Israeli civilians. (Read original, and related posts, herehere, and here.)

Guardian PaliLeaks unleashes disturbing volume of hate in reader comment section
While virulent anti-Israel hatred, and outright anti-Semitism, is nothing new in the readers’ sections of Comment is Free, the degree and quantity of such hatred noticeably increased as the result of the Guardian’s “Palestine Papers.” (Read some of the worse comments,here.)

Guardian publishes cartoon by notorious anti-Semitic cartoonist, Carlos Latuff
One of the Guardian’s “Palestine Papers” included the following illustration by one of the most prolific anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic cartoonists, Carlos Latuff.  Here’s the cartoon, depicting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a sinister looking (gun wielding) Orthodox Jew:

(Read our post on Latuff, here.)

Seumas in Wonderland
In this post, Israelinurse provides an illuminating take on Guardian Associate Editor, Seumas Milne, whose support for the most extreme movements within Palestinian society is expressed without the slightest inhibition.

Recent Press

CiF Watch Managing Editor Adam Levick had an editorial published in Jerusalem Post
Adam Levick’s Jan. 3rd Jerusalem Post editorial meditated upon the new, and largely under-reported phenomenon of increasing anti-Semitism on progressive-left political blogs, such as the Guardian’s Comment is Free. (To read, click here.)

Adam Levick was interviewed on a popular Internet radio show about the Middle East
Adam Levick was interviewed, on Jan. 31st, on an Internet radio show – which focuses on the Middle East – called The Bibi Report.  Adam answered questions on a range of topics regarding CiF Watch’s work exposing and combating anti-Semitism, and the assault on Israel legitimacy, at the Guardian. (To listen to the interview, go here.)

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