The mouse that roared

A guest post by AKUS

I had to rub my eyes in disbelief and re-read the following in an article about the US veto in the UN.

on Ynet:

Nevertheless, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stressed that the PA will not boycott the US.

The PA will not boycott America? Initially, I thought the sentence had been written backwards. It appears it was not. The PA seems determined at all costs to alienate the Obama administration, swept up with delusions of grandeur in the euphoria of the events in Cairo and elsewhere.

Apparently, despite this fearful threat from the PA, withdrawn at the last moment, America bravely stood its ground and vetoed the resolution.

If ever a group of people seemed intent on doing as much damage to their own cause as possible, it is the Palestinian Authority. I do not think of the Palestinians as lions, but clearly they are led by donkeys.

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