Lost in translation? Haaretz in Hebrew, and in English

A guest post by AKUS

Ha’aretz seems to have learned a lesson in misrepresenting matters from the anti-Israeli foreign press. This is how it announced the appointment of a new foreign minister for Egypt on its English-language website:

He seems like just the sort of nice chap Israel should be happy to see rise to the top in the “new Egypt”.

Unfortunately, in the Hebrew version of the same announcement, it seems that Israel will be stuck with the “old Egypt”:

For those who do not read Hebrew, what this says is:

“Nabil el-Araby, who served as Egypt’s ambassador to the UN, replaced Achmed abu El Rit. In the past, he led initiatives against Israel”.

Quite a different story. Moreover, the Hebrew article includes the following, noticeably absent from the English version:

The dismissal of Achmed abu El-Rit, who served under Mubarak, comes despite the fact that he  spoke in praise of the revolutionary forces in his country. At the meeting of the Arab League last week, Abu El-Rit said the demonstrations in his country were “the most wonderful in history”

Ha’aretz’s English version does not even provide readers with this example of El-Rit’s abject support for his new masters.

It is fascinating to see this anti-Israeli newspaper using tactics similar to those employed by Arab despots – in this case printing one thing in Hebrew, and another for Western consumption to fuel its attack on the country in which it is based.

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