A view from across the green line: A Yishuv resident’s urgent plea

This is an email sent by Yochanan Visser, founder and director of the group, Missing Peace, which I am posting with his permission. Visser made Aliyah from the Netherlands in 2000.

When I saw my daughter (who was in Hebron at the time Shalhevet Pass was murdered) crying last night when we watched [the news], I decided I have had enough.

Enough of the barbarity of those who would slaughter a three-month old baby, but also enough of the relentless campaign that caused the death of three Jewish children and their parents.

I am not only talking here about the incitement in Palestinian society but about the national and international demonization campaign against Jews like me. Those living in Yehuda, Shomron or East Jerusalem.

“Settlers” are being treated only in one way; we are less than human beings. Our villages our branded” illegal” and in the end WE ourselves have become “illegal”.

Last year, during the launch of the Missing Peace project in Amsterdam, the first question asked by a journalist (Ha’aretz’s Cnaan Lipshitz) was how an information desk run by a director living in the West Bank could be reliable.

Get it?  By living in the West Bank one is automatically an unreliable outcast. Do not think this is only the opinion of a leftist Israeli journalist, I know of European officials who think the same.

Now yesterday we saw government officials as usual calling for international condemnation of this barbaric act.

But last week we saw that the same government contributed to this campaign by using plastic bullets against Jews for the first time , during the evacuation of an outpost.

The demonization campaign against Jews living across the green line has to be stopped – vilification which has, tragically, spilled over to Israel as a whole.

Regards Yochanan


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