The Guardian’s Notoriety

(Alana Goodman, writing a while back in the blog of Commentary Magazine, Contentions, noted the Guardian’s egregious anti-Israel bias on one hand, and what can only be described as a political fetish for Arab dictators on the other.  While this dynamic is nothing new for CiF Watch readers, Commentary Magazine is an intellectually serious journal, and we’re always glad when such prestigious and highly respected institutions show themselves keenly aware of how just how extreme the Guardian’s ideologically driven anti-Israel agenda truly is. – AL)

This headline in the Guardian commentary section may have caused some to do a double-take this morning: “Our absurd obsession with Israel is laid bare.” Sadly, it wasn’t the title of a long-overdue introspective editorial by the Guardian staff. But it was something almost as good — an excellent column by Nick Cohen about how the Israel-centric view of the Middle East has been discredited by recent events. And there was really no better place for it to be published than in the Guardian’s exceedingly anti-Israel Comment-is-free section.

The Guardian’s predilection for over-the-top anti-Israel commentary has been well-documented. It’s editorial board has taken views similar to Hamas’s on the peace process, it has published letters applauding terrorism against Israelis, and it recently printed a highly offensive cartoon of President Mahmoud Abbas dressed up like an Orthodox Jew.

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