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Message from Managing Editor, Adam Levick


The Guardian’s coverage of the uprisings and political upheavals throughout the Arab world whitewashed the extremism and bigotry which compromised many of the movements vying for political power, and also continued to advance a narrative which stubbornly resisted acknowledging that the uprisings in Cairo, Tunis, Tripoli, and elsewhere demonstrated that Israel had nothing to do with the political frustrations of the Arab body politic.  Indeed, one Guardian editorial incredibly insisted that “Israel was the cockpit” of the political crisis throughout the Middle East, displaying a simply stunning political myopia and what can accurately be described as an obsession with the Jewish state (a journalistic malady which has cheekily been described as IOCD, Israel Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Recent Highlights

Guardian blindness to antisemitism in a post about their embarrassing initial defense of John Galliano’s anti-Semitic outburst
The Guardian’s initial reaction to reports about fashion guru John Galliano’s antisemitic outburst served as an apt illustration of the paper’s consistent failure to recognize or speak out against such racism.  (More here.)

The Guardian’s relentless obsession with Israel
The Guardian’s commentary on the political upheavals in the Middle East somehow managed to contextualize the uprisings in a way affirming their obsession with the Jewish state, and argued in an editorial that Israel was “the cockpit of the crisis” in the Middle East (More here.)

Guardian whitewash of anti-Semitism of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi
The Guardian not only ignored Muslim Brother Spiritual Leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s well-documented record of extreme anti-Semitism (and even approval of Hitler’s genocide against the Jews), but characterized him as a “moderate” and “democratic.” (More here.)

“The Guardian Sucks Because..” competition produces pithy take on the Guardian’s anti-Israel bias and increasing notoriety
We received an impressively large number of replies to our first contest, which asked readers (in the comment section of our blog, and on Twitter) why, in 140 characters, the Guardian sucks, and the winning limerick was lyrical, and simply spot-on.  (More here)

Israelinurse responds to Guardian piece characterizing Israel’s reaction to the political upheavals in the Arab world as a “betrayal of Judaism”.
The Guardian employed the services of a rabbi, who argued in their Belief section that Israel’s concern over the possible negative security ramifications of the political changes in Egypt demonstrated that Israeli Jews were taking the side of “Pharaoh.” (More here.)

CiF Watch Cartoon
Zack Rawsthorne, creator of the comic Diversity Lane, tweaked a recent cartoon about the mainstream media’s efforts to sanitize the radical anti-Semtiism of the Muslim Brotherhood, especially for CiF Watch:

Recent Press

CiF Watch Managing Editor Adam Levick published an essay about the Guardian’s role in the delegitimizatinon of Israel for the UK Jewish News.
The Palestine Papers series demonstrated why London in general, and the Guardian in particular, has continued to gain notoriety as one of the prime generators of delegitimization of the Jewish state.  Levick’s essay, published in the February 3rd issue of the The Jewish New analyzed the Guardian’s ideologically driven bias against Israel in the broader context of efforts by state and non-state actors to defame Israel morally and isolate her politically. (To view essay, open this link, and go to page 11)

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