What does a terrorist attack really sound like?

A guest post by AKUS

Pitsuts Kiosk in Jerusalem


The link or clip below is in Hebrew, but anyone listening to it will have a pretty good idea of what a terrorist attack sounds like, and what Israelis have to live with when Palestinian terrorists attempt to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible.

The voice you hear is that of David Amoils calling in a report of a suspicious package to Sharon, who works in the police emergency call center (the equivalent of the American 911).

You first hear Sharon identifying herself, and then David comes on, saying that he is calling from “Pitsuts, the kiosk at Binyanei Ha’uma” – the Convention Center.

He says “There is a bag here” and Sharon sudden interrupts asking “What’s there?” and he continues, saying there is a bag opposite the bus station – and then the explosion goes off.  David was seriously wounded. You hear Sharon again:  “Hullo? Hullo?” and the rest contains cries for help, an initial [police] report on many wounded and messages calling for first responders to come to Binyanei Ha’uma to provide immediate assistance at the scene of the attack.

MP3 recording of the report from David and the explosion

Or listen via Ma’ariv using your browser

David calls his kiosk “Pitsuts” (פיצוץ), which means “explosion” in Hebrew. According to Yaakov Lozowick, he named the kiosk “Pitsuts” after he was injured in another explosion there in the 1990s. In Israeli slang, “pitsuts” can also mean “fantastic” – a really good-looking woman is a “ptsatsa”.

Incidentally, I have a relative of a relative by marriage whose last name is Amoils.  6 degrees of separation.

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