Spineless in the UK

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This story is infuriating.

According to The JC:

The UK branch of Israeli cosmetics store, Ahava, is moving from its central London shop after years of pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

The owner of the shop, currently in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, is looking for other sites after owners of neighbouring stores complained to the landlord following protests.

Protesters claim that the products sold in the store are manufactured in a factory in Israeli settlement, Mitzpe Shalom in the West Bank but are “misleadingly” labelled as produced in Israel.

A spokeswoman for Shaftesbury PLC, which owns the property as well as several others in the Seven Dials area, said: “When Ahava’s lease expires in September, we will not offer them a new one.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been demonstrating fortnightly outside the shop, which opened in April 2007, for more than two years.

Colin George, manager of clothes shop The Loft, next door to Ahava, said: “I’m pleased Ahava is leaving. It’s brought the street down…Everyone would like them to leave. I wish they had left two years ago….Maybe they should be an online business instead.”

While those brave few who have shown up at the Ahava store to counter-protest deserve respect and admiration, the cowardly acquiescence by those who have remained silent in the face of a coordinated campaign to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state is shameful.

That ordinary non-Jews (and even many Jews) in the UK can’t summon the courage, the will, and the moral clarity to defend this Jewish democracy under siege is a sad and ominous commentary on the political climate in their nation.

Israelis aren’t asking the civilized world to lay down their lives in her defense but, merely, that they stand up and be counted in the battle against those intent on convincing the world that she is an ogre, a nation beyond the pale.

Yes, some things really are that simple.

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