Chas Newkey-Burden reflects on UK media’s hostility to Israel

I thought I’d share this post by our good friend Chas – who blogs at OyVaGoy.

Four years ago this month I wrote an article for Ynet News, about my firsthand experiences of our media’s attitude to Israel:

The evening after my return from Israel, I met up with some journalists for some drinks in the West End of London. I was again abused for my trip. Their hatred of Israel was matched only by their adoration of the Palestinians. One of them gushed: “Boy, those suicide bombers have got guts. I wish more people in the world had their courage.” Another of them erupted when I told him that most people in Israel wanted a peaceful settlement to the conflict. “So why,” he asked, “did they murder their most peaceful Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?”

I know. You can read the full article here.

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