Dhimmi-monde – The Guardian’s Political Prostitution

A guest post by Akus

What a wonderful description of the Guardian’s dhimmi-like obeisance to the Arab world – prostituting itself by partnering with the pro-Islamist Al-Jazeera, and now publishing articles in an English newspaper in Arabic like the one below.

Don’t worry if you cannot read it in the original – they helpfully provide a translation – at least, I suppose it’s a translation – for the dummies – that is, dhimmis – who cannot read the original.

So is this the dhimmi-monde world in which the Guardian is apparently finding most of its readership – or sponsorship? What’s next? The London School of Economics taking the hint and providing its courses in Arabic, with English translations for the dhimmis studying there in exchange for a small grant from an Arab despot?

But I have one note for the Guardian’s editors. The article’s date should read (in Arabic, of course) 4th Jumada I, 1432, not the Crusader date of April 8, 2011. Because if you are going to live in a medieval mental world of 1432, at least be honest enough tell us what media-evil world you are living in.

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