Guardian readers unleash hateful anti-Israel vitriol in response to Goldstone Report defense

The defense of The Goldstone Report published in the Guardian, written by three of its authors – Hina Jilani, Christine Chinkin and Desmond Travers – in response to Richard Goldstone’s retraction of the most serious charges contained in the document, produced a large amount of hateful comments by Guardian readers beneath the line.  Here is a sample: 

The following reference to “Israel-firsters” is a thinly veiled charge of dual loyalty to those in the diaspora who defend Israel, and is a narrative advanced routinely by those on the paleoconservative right – such as Pat Buchanan.  (86 Recommends)

Goldstone recanted due to Zionist pressure. Also, Israel is an inherently racist state. (80 Recommends)

Hamas is more moral than Israel, who intentionally shoots children.

Israel engages in the mass murder of civilians with the most lethal weapons ever developed.

Goldstone gave in to Zionist pressure.

Goldstone was bullied by Jews to change his report. Israel is an Apartheid state.

Elected officials and the media are under the spell of the organized Jewish community.

Zionism is racism. Refers to the “Zionist mentality”.

Israel is based on ethnic cleansing and racism.

Israel is based on ethnic cleansing. Arabs would welcome the hundreds of thousands of Jews, who they expelled, back with open arms if Israel changed its behavior.

Original Zionists were all terrorists. Jews are supremacists who think they have a divine right to be treated better than others.

Israeli snipers target Palestinian children who are merely collecting rubble.

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