Daniel Levy’s Hamas-o-Mania! (The Jewish far-left jumps way, way over the shark)

Daniel Levy is living proof that those who accuse some on the (Guardian-style) left of being humorless aren’t completely off base, as I can think of no other explanation for how such a seemingly rational man can not see that he’s become a living, breathing parody of the Jewish pro-Palestinian, Israel-loathing left.  

Levy, one of the founders of J Street, who recently opined that maybe, just perhaps, Israel doesn’t deserve to exist –  “Maybe, if this collective Jewish presence [the Jewish State in the Middle East] can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain’t a good idea.” – has surfaced at the Guardian to express something approaching euphoria over the recent announcement that Hamas has reconciled with Fatah and will now have a greater role in Palestinian affairs (How Hamas-Fatah unity could break Middle East deadlock, CiF, April 28).  

Levy’s sense of relief that Palestinians will finally abandon the failed and craven “accommodationist approach” is palpable, seems almost giddy that there is finally an end to the artificial, conventional paradigm of “moderates” (Fatah) vs. “so-called” “extremists” (Hamas), mockingly refers to characterizations of Hamas as a terrorist group as mere “Israeli talking points,” is particularly confident that the inclusion of the Islamist group who openly seeks Israel’s destruction will reinvigorate the peace process, and at least hopeful that the Islamic Resistance Movement will be “non-violent”.

But, as sensitive souls like Levy are always saying – at least, that is, when they’re not questioning Israel’s right to exist – it may seem to the untrained eye that his support for Hamas is contrary to the Jewish state’s interests, but he’s really only practicing tough love.  Levy, you see, is saving Israel from itself, from their “false sense of permanent impunity” and their “most self-destructive tendencies” such as “settlement building” (which he ever so sensitively likens to a cancer) and “intolerant nationalism”.

Though, of note, Levy’s selflessness in volunteering to help states like Israel iron out their “issues” is oddly absent when it comes to helping Hamas with their unique brand of “intolerant nationalism”.  Strangely, there is no offer from Levy to help the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood get over their addictive desire to rid the world of Israel, nor is concern expressed for the group’s paranoid belief that Jews are trying to take over the world.

(On this latter genocidal proclivity, I guess, in fairness, given our historical obstinateness, can you really blame them?)  

Call Daniel Levy a dupe, a useful idiot, a Jewish scourge, or even self-hating, but I find him – in his exquisite representation of the extreme pathologies which haunt the Jewish far left – an interesting political specimen, and down right entertaining.  

If he didn’t exist, I would SO try to invent him.  

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