Hateful Guardian reader comments about Jews & Israel beneath Daniel Levy’s celebration of Hamas

Daniel Levy’s excitement about Hamas – where he enthusiastically opines that the Islamic Resistance Movement’s participation in a new Palestinian unity government will reinvigorate the peace process – expressed in CiF yesterday, elicited more than few Guardian reader comments which were, let’s just say, not quite tolerant or progressive.

The organized American Jewish community (“domestic Zionist pressure”) prevents the US Administration from forcing Israel to make peace and treat Palestinians humanely. 

Israeli PM Netanyahu will eventually impose martial law, starve and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians (thinly veiled Nazi reference)

American government is hostage to organized Jewish community.  The US is subservient to Israel. 

Israel intentionally fires at ambulances, old people, and children.  The First Intifada is characterized as an “Israeli war against children”. 

Israel slaughtered Palestinian children. Zionism is a racial supremacist ideology. 

Israel has bombed, starved, and tortured Palestinians – who are “the most stoic and humane people on earth”. 

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