CiF’s Karen Greenberg: The ugly anti-American

Karen Greenberg has the unique capacity to invert morality only possessed by intellectuals and others who spend far too much time in their own mind.

Whether characterizing the U.S. as a uniquely intolerant nation, lamenting over the treatment of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and hysterically predicting the end of due process for all Americans (in the radical anti-Semitic magazine, Counterpunch) or opining about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict that, “it’s pointless to try to make peace without trying to bring Hamas into the equation”, Greenberg has this penchant for, as Anthony Julius put it (speaking of Jewish anti-Zionists, but just as relevant in characterizing Americans who turn against their own country):

Holding that the truth is to be arrived at by inverting the “us = good” and “other = bad” binarism.” [They] find virtue in opposing [their] own community; [they] take the other point of view…write counter-histories of  his own people. It is not enough…to disagree, or even refute; [they] must expose the worst bad faith, the most ignoble motives, the grossest crimes.”

In an essay posted yesterday in the aftermath of the death of Osama Bin Laden, “How Osama Bin Laden perverted U.S. justice” CiF May 2, contributor Karen Greenberg saw the day not as one to express relief that the family and friends who continue to mourn the loss of those murdered on 9/11 by al-Qaeda terrorists have finally seen some measure of justice, but as an opportunity to demonize America.

In the eyes of Greenberg the true villain of the saga is not the reactionary, theocratic death-cult known as al-Qaeda but, rather, the U.S., and indeed goes so far as to characterize the country she loathes, in her ever so nuanced take on the way the war against radical Islam has been fought, as embracing “medieval-style torture, turning its back on “modernity”, and, in a line which could have been written by Islamist propagandists in Tehran, Kabul, or Gaza City (or by Bin Laden himself) as waging a war against, not terrorism, but Islam itself. 

Greenberg further laments that the U.S. didn’t arrest the terrorist mastermind, hold him in custody, and subject him to the most humiliating of all punitive measures – “punish[ment] by due process”.

As I noted in my previous post, if the reaction to the murder of innocent civilians in NYC, Washington DC, and PA was a Rorschach test of sorts, and a rare mirror into the political soul of those who see the United States as irredeemably stained by moral sin and incapable of ever truly being a victim, Karen Greenberg’s reaction to Bin Laden’s death is an even greater window into the profound moral inversions which animate a segment of the American far-left.

While U.S. troops continue to put their lives on the line in Afghanistan, the mountainous region of Waziristan, and elsewhere, in an attempt to keep Americans safe from another 9/11 style attack, Greenberg can safely be expected to continue unabated in her obsessive mission to morally undermine the very nation who so arduously protects her very right to do so.

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