Guardian commenter gets banned after noting racist record of HRW’s Joe Stork

Joe Stork, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa division for Human Right Watch, published a piece at CiF, “Bahrain’s Medics are the targets of retribution“, May 5.

Stork, for those not already aware, is on record calling for the destruction of Israel and has expressed support for the Munich Massacre, a very inconvenient little fact which was noted by the following Guardian commenter:


How political inconvenient was the fact that the Middle East Director of HRW, and CiF contributor, has made racist comments and praised a deadly terrorist attack against innocent Israeli civilians?

If you go to the comment thread, you’ll see there is no trace of this comment anymore. Not only was this comment deleted without a trace, but we’ve learned that the commenter’s user privileges were also subsequently suspended.

As we’ve shown repeatedly about Comment is Free’s moderation process, all comments are treated equally, but some more equally than others.

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