The AV Referendum and Planet Guardian

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Tom Clark, writing in CiF on the AV referendum – a public vote on whether to change the system for electing the House of Commons which was overwhelming rejected by UK voters despite the support of the Guardian and, evidently, their readers – noted:

“No one ever claimed that Guardian readers were representative of the wider population.”

Well, actually, as we rarely miss the opportunity to point out, the Guardian aspires to be “the world’s leading liberal voice, which seems to suggest that, well, yes, they do see themselves as representative of the “wider population.”

Clark continues:

“But compare the referendum result with the views you expressed in our own survey a couple of years ago, and you could be forgiven for thinking that planet Guardian exists in an entirely different universe.”

Sorry, I have no pony in this race, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to note both how out of touch the Guardian elite is with average British citizens, nor Clark’s vivid and apt characterization of the Guardian as an ideological planet far, far, far away from our moral universe.

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