Dear Harriet,

I see you’ve returned from your two month assignment in Tripoli, are back in Jerusalem, and have posted a new blog post about the DVD release of a the documentary, Budrus: (Budrus: A West Bank village emblematic struggle for its land, May 9).

While the review itself contains nothing especially interesting or noteworthy, containing predictable tropes and imagery about Palestinian victimhood, Israeli bulldozers, and, of course, the most iconic of all symbol of Israeli oppression, uprooted Olive Trees, the post indicates that the Guardian’s Israel portfolio is once again yours.

So, Harriet, just note that we fully intend to continue holding you accountable as we always have, fisking your articles and blog posts – exposing the endemic bias in your consistently jaundiced “View from Jerusalem”.

Its nothing personal, but we will continue to work arduously to make sure that the increasing notoriety of the Guardian’s ideologically driven animosity against Israel which inspires your dispatches from my country is known far and wide.

For us, unlike you, the state of Israel isn’t a mere “assignment”, nor some abstraction, but a living, breathing nation – a progressive democracy which is relentlessly under siege both militarily and rhetorically – and one we, on the eve of the 63rd anniversary of the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in our historic homeland, deem worth fighting for.


Adam Levick