Springtime for Arabs and Arabia (The Guardian’s glorious revolution loses some of its luster)

A guest post by AKUS

Like many others, I am getting tired of the glowing references to “the Arab Awakening” and “the Arab Spring” by naïve Western media happily ignoring the absolute mayhem and hatred that has burst forth in Arab countries.

In light of the thousands that have been murdered as a result of this “Springtime”, with its uncomfortable echo of the famous song from the movie and play “The Producers”, for their own sakes it looks like it would be best for the Arabs in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere to turn the clocks back to winter time and return to their dormant state. You can probably add Iraq and Afghanistan to the list.

Here’s a rough score so far:

Tunisia:  Where the first buds of this inglorious spring broke through. The Guardian, which was avidly publishing articles by Islamic extremist Rachid Ghannouchi’s daughter, Soumaya Ghannouchi, predicting the new world order, has gone quiet. At least 219  killed in the January period, a Catholic priest murdered, and various small-scale shooting of demonstrators continuing from time to time. Elections due on July 24 – and violence expected.

Egypt:  Another Guardian favorite. Islamic militants have been out in force as the supposedly secular army stands by. 12 Copts killed this weekend, 11 or 12 in January. Of course, there was also the brutal attack on Lara Logan, which she recounted on “60 Minutes”, and the calls for war with Israel and death to the Jews.

Libya:  Who can count the dead among the pro-and anti-Gaddafi forces? Hundreds? Thousands? We’ll never know. From the Huffington post: Libya Death Toll Could Be As High As 30,000: U.S.

Bahrain:  Modestly claims a mere 30 dead and 21 activists to be tried.

Yemen:  Who knows? Probably at least 100, maybe many more.

Syria:  At least 800 dead, probably more – the tanks have been sent in

Iraq:  The daily Moslem-on-Moslem slaughter continues – 35 on Thursday or Friday last week to demonstrate the bomber’s distress over the demise of Bin Laden. Thousands killed by Islamic extremists in bombings, shootings and abductions.

Democracy, “springtime”, and “awakening” in the Arab countries appear to reveal that there is a reason why Arabs have always lived under despots. It was simply safer for everyone.

If this is “Springtime for Arabs and Arabia”, what will summer bring? Perhaps there’s a clue from “The Producers”?

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