Guardian’s saturation of Kushner story on Israel page stands in stark contrast to dearth of stories about recent Israeli victims of terror

The Guardian seems to be obsessed with Tony Kushner. Their Israel page contains eight stories on the controversy surrounding Kushner’s honorary doctorate yet, as I noted previously, still nothing on the death of Daniel Vilfic, the Israeli teen killed when Hamas fired an anti-tank rocket at his yellow school bus, and no story on the Palestinians arrested for the brutal murder of five members of the Fogel family back in March.

To summarize the Kushner story down to its essentials:

Some questions were raised about the suitability of a playwright, and far left political activist, named Tony Kushner to receive an honorary doctorate from an American university, due to past comments where he said quite emphatically that Israel should never have been born, suggested Israel should not currently exist, and referred to those who do passionately support Israel’s right to live as “among the most repulsive members of the Jewish community.” Though Kushner continues to grossly misrepresent his hateful views that Israel, perhaps, should cease to exist, he’s receiving the honorary doctorate after all and, yet, has somehow become a cause celebre for radical anti-Zionists everywhere – some even characterizing the mere questions raised about Kushner’s suitability to be honored as “McCarthyite”.  

Below you can see how the Guardian has covered the story, but here’s a glimpse into how they could have covered it in an alternative moral universe where the “world’s leading liberal voice” wasn’t viscerally hostile to Israel and her supporters.

Now, here’s how the Guardian actually covered the story: 

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