Suspected terrorist attack in Tel Aviv kills 1, injures 17

The Israeli news is reporting that one person, a man in his 40s, died and 17 were injured in what police suspect was a terror attack in Tel Aviv this morning. A truck driving along Bar-Lev street hit and ran over several vehicles but continued to drive on.

The driver, a 22-year-old man from Kfar Kassem, was arrested and brought in for questioning.

An eyewitness told Ynet,

“A truck driver was driving like a crazy person. At first I though it was an accident or a driver who lost control of his vehicle, but based on the speed and insane manner in which he was driving, it was clearly an attack. It’s scary that these things happen here. We yelled at him to stop, but he kept on going.”   

Another witness, Yossi, said:

“He went on and crashed into a bus. He got out and began to go crazy, throwing things at people. There was this poor innocent girl — he struck her on the head. She just fell down, and now people are treating her. What can I tell you? A terrorist attack.”

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