Marc Goldberg has left the ‘Comment is Free’ building once and for all!

This is cross posted by Marc Goldberg, at his blog, Marc’s Words

Well it has been fun arguing, attacking, defending and postulating on The Guardian’s Comment is Free site though the time has come to say goodbye once and for all.

After several days of reading pieces posted up there about the Middle East a truth hit me like a speeding bullet, it’s all bollocks! Nothing in particular has changed since I began reading and commenting on there a couple of years ago, mainly on Seth Freedman’s pieces, nothing has changed except for the fact that I no longer become angry reading the largely unsubstantiated opinions of whoever positions themselves as a writer on the site, I just become tired by it.

The Guardian should be commended for the high calibre of some of the people who post on there. There are Nobel prize laureates aplenty and there are experts in the field of just about every conceivable aspect of life in the Middle East both pro and anti Israel. There are also a great many randoms who post on there who have absolutely no knowledge of anything and whose agenda is nothing more noble than promoting the cause of some of the most disgusting individuals and entities around in the world today. The Guardian seems to happily promote this.

It is not ironic that while gloriously applauding the “Arab Spring” and the fall of certain tyrants here in the Middle East they are also publishing article after article both in support of dictatorial tyrants and arguing against the Peace Process. None of the articles, including (perhaps especially) the pro-Israeli ones really resonate any more as they simply repeat the same tired arguments over and over again.

Sometimes they find a Jew willing to stand up and do the whole “as a Jew…” thing and that creates a nice raucous argument on there, though I sincerely doubt that anyone learns anything from these pieces nor changes their ideas from any of the articles. I also sincerely doubt that the purpose of these pieces isn’t to do either of those things, the purpose is to attract more people to The Guardian website. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but I do have a problem with the fact that they have decided to use my country as a whipping boy in order to pursue that goal.

As a result of all of this I have decided to leave the exciting world of CiF behind once and for all.

Marc Goldberg who has been writing under the name MarcyG has left the Comment is Free building once and for all!!

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