Netanyahu throws down the gauntlet of racism

A guest post by AKUS

Whether it’s Jimmy Carter (“Apartheid”) or the Guardian and its devoted readers calling Israel an apartheid state, the concerted attempt to define Israel as a racist country is a continuing theme in the campaign to delegitimize Israel. I have long contended that the real racists are the Palestinians, who have refused to accept the idea that if they ever have a state on the West Bank that Jews will be able to live there, as Arabs do in Israel. Of course, we already know that Hamas will not allow Jews to live in Gaza, nor will Jordanians permit Jews in Jordan, the real Palestinian state.

In Congress on Tuesday, Netanyahu threw down the gauntlet:

The status of the settlements will be decided only in negotiations. But we must also be honest. So I’m saying today something that should be said publicly by all those who are serious about peace: In any real peace agreement, in any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond Israel’s borders.

I wait to see the Arab response to this statement which clearly implies that Netanyahu expects the Palestinians to permit Jews to live on the West bank.

(By the way, this may generate shock waves among some of the Israeli settlers who have been able to live in a fool’s paradise for far too long as they contemplate either a withdrawal in exchange for an agreement, or a future under Arab rule).

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