Curious deletions under Greg Philo’s surreal assertion, at CiF, that UK journalists are afraid to criticize Israel

H/T Margie

We commented earlier on Greg Philo’s warning (Israel’s PR victory shames newscasters, May 31) of the injurious effects of Zionist hasbara, but the Guardian comment moderation process, as always, produced some curious deletions.

Here’s a comment merely noting what we’ve documented, that the “Jews/Zionists have undue influence on the media” is common and uncontroversial narrative at CiF/The Guardian:

And, then.

Here’s a comment accurately referring to violent tactics employed by Hamas during their coup against Fatah in 2007:

And then.

A comment accurately noting that Philo is part of a political community which includes folks who find Holocaust Memorial Day objectionable.

And, then.

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