Chilling email exchange between Scottish BDS advocate, Jim Bollan, and someone he believed was a Hamas supporter

CiF Watch has obtained the following email exchange between Jim Bollan – West Dunbartonshire Council member and fierce BDS advocate – and someone he believed to be a supporter of Hamas:


Then, Bollan responds:


Then a reply to Bollan:


Then, Bollan’s last reply:


So, Jim Bollan (who has previously referred to Hamas as “freedom fighters”), when asked by someone he believed to be a Hamas supporter (and who repeatedly compliments Bollan on his support for the terrorist organization), to take action against the Rotary Club based on their “Zionist affiliations”, and is presented with an excerpt from the most explicitly anti-Semitic Article (22) of the Hamas Charter claiming a Zionist conspiracy to control the world, as proof, doesn’t in any way distance himself from Hamas, the hateful clause of their charter, nor express outrage at the suggestion of a Jewish conspiracy.

Rather, Bollan merely responds by asking for “hard evidence” that the Rotary Club is indeed “acting in a pro-Zionist way”.

Is there really any doubt at this point that Bollan’s support for boycotting all Israeli goods is not based on humanitarian concerns nor an expression of his objections to Israeli policy, but, rather, is informed by sympathies towards the most ugly and hateful anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic conspiracies?

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