Bollan suggests moral equivalence between Israel’s war in Gaza and Nazi Holocaust against Jews

In an exchange with Scottish Friends of Israel, who raised the issue of West Bartonshire’s boycott against Israeli goods in the context of the odious history of such boycotts directed at the Jewish community, Bollan responded thusly:

So, we can now add to Bollan’s defense of Hamas as “freedom fighters”, his refusal to condemn even the most anti-Semitic articles of the groups’ founding charter, and his sympathy towards the terrorists who massacred five innocent Israeli civilians, his apparent belief that Israel’s Operation Cast Lead – a war initiated in response to Hamas’s launching of thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian territories – can be considered to be in the same moral universe as the Nazi’s attempted genocide of the Jews.

Sickening? Despicable? I really can’t think of a word that could possibly do justice to such a hideous moral comparison.


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