Why has the Guardian ignored the Scottish boycott story? (Take the CiF Watch poll!)

While I wouldn’t recommend to my greatest enemies, yet alone my fellow Israel supporters, trying to get into the head of Guardian editors – a moral abyss from which you may never return – many of us here at CiF Watch have been wondering about the Guardian’s strange silence on the evolving story of the boycott of Israeli goods by the Scottish town of West Dunbartonshire, and the vile emails consistently emanating from boycott supporter, Jim Bollan.

I’ve gone to the Israel page of the Guardian each day half expecting to see a positive, sympathetic profile of Jim Bollan, or a classic Guardian editorial blasting the Israel lobby, and other critics of the boycott, for smearing BDS proponents.

But, as of this date, nada.

So, I figured, why not have some fun with the Guardian’s strange silence on this provocative issue.  

In addition to the cheeky options I offered in the poll below, please feel free to offer your own serious, or not so serious, take on why the Guardian has suddenly been rendered mute in the face of a chance to pile on Israel. 

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