Will The Guardian soon be swept away by its own unpopular radicalism?

Though we’ve already posted on the Guardian’s severe financial crisis, Tom Wilson, who blogs at Tom Friedmann, posted  his own piece on the issue and, when it comes to promoting the Guardian’s misfortunes, I simply don’t think its possible to overdo it. 

It’s not uncommon to find opinion pieces in The Guardian praising Engels or prattling on about Marx yet the market forces that many at this publication decry seem to be about to do away with their jobs.  Next month The Guardian is anticipated to announce significant job losses after experiencing yet another annual loss, this time of £35 Million.  Clearly the public just dosen’t want to read the newspaper’s ultra-liberal and anti-western rhetoric day in day out quite as badly as its editors had anticipated.  Indeed from those who have observed rain sodden teenagers handing out free copies of The Guardian outside of Kings Cross it would seem they can’t even give it away now.  This all comes as a reminder that despite the huge amount of reverence that the Guardian seems to receive in certain circles it really only represents the view point of a tiny out of touch minority.  All the more worrying then is that so many former employees of the BBC have commented on the extent to which BBC bosses allow their position to be informed by The Guardian which we are told has long been the paper of choice down at the Beeb.

Time and time again the Guardian has sort out and served up the most radical writers to give most counterintuitive and fringe line available.  On just about every issue you can take the mainstream opinion, spin it a hundred degrees to the Left and you will end up at the Guardian’s position on the subject.  On any given day you can tune into the Guardian’s Comment is Free page webpage and get a taste of what life would be like if we all lived on planet Chomsky.  From trashing the Royal Wedding and insulting Britain’s war dead to branding international human rights activists Imperialists and peddling the worst anti-Semitic slurs against Israel and its supporters.  The Guardian has made its bed in an anarchist squat and now in an LSD fuelled haze it can lie in it (it recently published an article in defence of the darling of the Hallucinogen addicts; Timothy Leary). 

In an attempt to white wash this abysmal turn of events Guardian spokespeople have claimed that the paper will be moving some of its focus to online reporting targeting the American market, no doubt in an attempt to bring the system down from within.  And so it would seem that all that leaves for us to do is to wish our American friends good luck and sit back and watch The Guardian slowly collapse in on itself like a small failing Communist country.

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