In praise of Melanie Phillips

You don’t have to agree with Melanie Phillips on every issue to acknowledge that she is a truly indispensable and courageous voice in contrast to the moral cesspool of anti-Zionist commentary so ubiquitous in the UK, and I ask that you continue supporting her by visiting her new site, here:

I’d also highly recommend reading her book, The World Turned Upside Down, which you can purchase at Amazon UK, here, or at Amazon US, here.

As Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks said:

“With ferocious courage, Melanie Phillips challenges a series of myths and irrationalities that have achieved canonical status in the contemporary world. If civilization depends on the ability to give dissenting voices a hearing, then The World Turned Upside Down may well be one of the most important tests of Western civilization in our time.”

Here’s wishing Phillips well at her new site where she will, undoubtedly, continue truly speaking truth to power.

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