On the “Guardian Hamas support network”

It’s always reassuring to see other blogs call the Guardian out on their anti-Semitism, visceral hostility towards Israel and craven apologies for radical Islam, and Harry’s Place really let it rip recently in noting that even the BBC’s coverage of the Sheikh Raed Salah row was reasonable and balanced in comparison to the Guardian’s ideologically driven whitewash of the radical Islamist preacher.  

Here’s the money quote from Lucy Lips at Harry’s Place:

“What a fucking outrageous thing to do: to defend an outspoken racist, extremist and homophobe by accusing his critics of being racists and pawns of Israel!

This, incidentally, is the reason that the Guardian has a reputation for being part of this country’s Hamas support network.”

While we tend to avoid using the “f” bomb (and other tempting four letter words) at CiF Watch when condemning the Guardian, I think Lucy’s passionate outrage was worth quoting unedited.

As the Guardian’s notoriety continues to grow, we fully intend to savor every well-deserved invective.  

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