Mya Guarnieri laments possible demise of flotilla stunt; Quotes activist who blames Zionist “tentacles”

You almost have to feel sorry for Mya Guarnieri, the occasional CiF contributor.

No, not really.  But, the latest dispatch on the flotilla debacle, published in Maan, Organizers: Gaza flotilla era may be over“, July 3rd, from the activist journalist who intended to “cover” the flotilla, seems to express a palpable sense of powerlessness over Israel’s successful efforts – by use of legal, diplomatic, and other means – to prevent the Hamas affiliated publicity stunt from ever getting started.

Guarnieri, who was clearly relishing the chance to Tweet from ‘The Audacity of Hope’, notes:

“Speaking to Maan late Friday in Athens, the flotilla organizers remarked that this year’s embattled effort to sail to Gaza likely spelled the end of the Freedom Flotilla movement…The act of sailing to Gaza is “a tactic,” one of them said. “Maybe it’s run its course.”

She then adds, evidently with a straight face:

“Passengers said the bureaucratic delays, physical blockages and threat of violence were “just a little taste” of the restrictions on freedom of movement faced by the 1.6 million Palestinians who live in Gaza.”

Of course, for some reasons, such “activists” fail to express similar empathy for the restrictions on the rights of women, gays, religious minorities, and political opponents (and the absence of basic civil liberties), imposed on “the 1.6 million Palestinians who live in Gaza” by the same Hamas movement behind the flotilla stunt.

We’re then provided with a quote by one of the beleaguered  “progressive” activists, who saw the true power lurking behind the decision by the sovereign nation of Greece to block the ships from sailing, noting, ” [Israel] has basically extended its tentacles to the shores of Greece.”, which Guarnieri characterizes as merely frustration over “intense diplomatic pressure that Israel has used to stop the flotilla.”

Yes, those Zionist tentacles, which Israel haters, anti-Semites, extremists, and a stray Labor MP, love to conjure.

Guarnieri’s post ends by lamenting “the 3,000 letters from Americans [in support of] the people of Gaza”, which will not be delivered, a theme illustrated by a photo of one of the activists packing the mailbag:

Now, I don’t mean to insult the intelligence of Guarnieri, or her fellow activists, but it seems that their Hamas sponsors neglected to inform them that there is no blockade on international letters, or, um, emails, to the people of Gaza – representing, evidently, a means of communication beyond the long reach and powerful grip of the Zionist tentacles.

The Gaza tourist site, Gaza Today, helpfully provides the details:

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