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Message from Managing Editor, Adam Levick


Guardian Assistant Editor Michael White’s admission that his paper is indeed biased against Israel represented a rare flash of introspection and honesty from an institution which has shown itself otherwise to be remarkably thin-skinned in the face of criticism that their animosity towards Israel is inconsistent with their desire to be the “world’s leading liberal voice”. 

More recently, the prolific Robin Shepherd characterized the Guardian’s antipathy to the Jewish state” as nothing short of “fanatical.” 

An overstatement? Hardly. 

The Guardian’s coverage of the UK’s detainment of Sheikh Raed Salah, the extremist head of the Islamic Movement’s Northern Division, represented the ideologically driven anti-Israel bias of the paper at its worst. As we pointed out (and as you’ll see in posts linked to below), the Guardian continually airbrushed easily obtainable, and simply irrefutable, evidence of Salah’s anti-Semitism, extremism, and record of incitement. Inversely, those who opposed Salah were typically referred to as “right-wing” Israelis. 

Salah’s kid glove treatment is further evidence that, for the Guardian, advancing the rhetoric of Palestinian rights inculcates even those who are most egregiously, and viscerally, hostile to Jews (and Israel’s very existence) from charges of anti-Semitism – a troubling dynamic which this blog arduously tries to expose.   

Recent Highlights

On Anti-Semites and their enablers: Guardian editorial defends radical anti-Semitic preacher, Raed Salah
Adam Levick commented on the Guardian’s ideologically driven coverage of the Sheikh Raed Salah row – which included 7 reports (stories, commentaries, editorials, and letters) – and explains the significance of their consistent whitewash of Salah’s undeniable record of extremism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and homophobia in the context of their broader hostility towards Israel. (Read post here)

CiF Watch leads charge in opposition to Scottish council’s boycott of Israel
CiF Watch commented extensively on the 2009 resolution by West Dunbartonshire to boycott Israeli goods, and sent out an Action Alert notifying those concerned with the discriminatory act how they could take part in efforts to overturn the resolution. (Read post here)

CiF Watch exposes incriminating emails by West Dunbartonshire’s pro-boycott Councillor, Jim Bollan.
Adam Levick posted about emails, obtained by CiF Watch, by one of the passionate proponents of WD’s Israel boycott, Jim Bollan, where he explicitly referred to Hamas as “Freedom Fighters”.  Additional posts revealed Bollan’s comparison between Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews, and his refusal to even condemn the perpetrators of the Fogel Family Massacre.  

Israelinurse exposes extremist and terrorist affiliations of “flytilla” activists
While efforts by Hamas-inspired flotilla (and “flytilla”) activists to break Israel’s Naval blockade (against deadly weapons being smuggled into Gaza) was a complete failure, that didn’t stop the Guardian from whitewashing the extremist, and terrorist, affiliations of the participants.  (See Israelinurse’s stellar reports, demonstrating what the Guardian didn’t report, here and here.)

Recent Press

CiF Watch Managing Editor, Adam Levick, interviewed about CiF Watch and the fight against anti-Semitism.
Adam Levick was interviewed, about the issue of anti-Semitism and the role CiF Watch plays in exposing and combating this bigotry at the Guardian and Comment is Free, by Daniel Vahab, a freelance writer who’s currently conducting research for a book he’s writing on the subject of contemporary anti-Semitism.

CiF Watch ranked by Technorati as a Top 100 Blog 

Technorati, the definitive blog ranking site, lists CiF Watch as a Top 100 blog, in the category of World Politics – a testament to both our increasing web traffic, as well as the number of other blogs who link back to us. To all of our loyal fans, and friendly bloggers, thanks, as always, for your support!  

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