Gaza “Humanitarian Crisis” Update: Another Mall opens in Gaza City with boutique stores, restaurants and a cinema

One of the reasons why Elder of Ziyon is my favorite pro-Israel blogger is his capacity to dish out well-deserved mockery to Israel’s critics, many of whom are often self-caricatures of the anti-Zionist Guardian-style Left – people beyond satire, who we’d have to invent if they didn’t actually exist.

His post today, The humiliation in Gaza continues: The Andaluseyya Mall” is classic Elder, and puts in proper perspective the utter lunacy of those who continue to claim – be they flotilla-ists, flytilla-ists, or merely those duped by their political theatrics – that, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, there’s anything even resembling a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.

You can see the full post here, but here’s a photo of one of the new stores in the mall, which should at least give you a taste of Gaza’s unimaginable misery.

The abused Gazans put up a brave front as they browse the men's suits, suits that they will be forced to eat because of their crushing poverty from the illegal Zionist siege.
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